The Right Way to Store Your Oriental Rug

An Oriental rug is a beautiful object that ideally their owners want to showcase all the time. There may come a time however, during a big move perhaps, that it has to be stored for a while. Should that become necessary, there is a right and wrong way to do so to ensure that the rug is not damaged and that when it is put into use again it looks as good as ever. Here are some tips:

Store Your Oriental Rug Tip #1 – Clean It First

Unless you happen to have done so very recently, take your rug to a company offering Oriental rug cleaning in RI for a professional cleaning. This is especially important if the rug will be stored for some time as dirt and dust particles left deeper in the fibers (where a vacuum cannot reach them) could, when compressed, scratch and leave marks on the rug. A pre storage cleaning also means that you will have a nice clean rug when it is time to display it once again!

Store Your Oriental Rug Tip #2 – Roll It, Don’t Fold it

An Oriental rug headed into storage needs to be rolled, not folded, to avoid allowing creases to form that could damage the fibers. To roll the rug leave it in place and slowly roll into a tube.

Store Your Oriental Rug Tip #3 – Cover It

An Oriental Rug heading into to storage (even if that storage is in a room of your home) should be wrapped in plastic. Choose a dark colored plastic rather than a clear one so that light is blocked as far as possible to prevent uneven fading.

Store Your Oriental Rug Tip #4 – Keep It Up

An Oriental rug, even when rolled, should not be stored flat on the floor that is too much of an open invitation for insects that are quite capable of bypassing the plastic protection. If possible store it on a raised shelf of some kind or at very least if you must store it upright place it on a platform that is at least a few inches off the floor.

Store Your Oriental Rug Tip #5 – Check It

If your rug will be stored for a length of time then you should take a few minutes to check it once a month or so, primarily looking for signs of infestation, the biggest danger to a rug stored away for some time.


If you ever need help concerning  the maintance of your rug, do not hesitate to contact us Best Oriental Rug Cleaning RI