The Benefits of a Wool Oriental Rug You May Have Overlooked

The Benefits of a Wool Oriental Rug You May Have Overlooked


The aesthetic benefits of a wool Oriental rug are easy to see, even at a brief glance. There are however many other benefits associated with owning and using such a rug that are less obvious immediately but still just as important. If you are considering purchasing such a rug here are a few of those extra benefits to keep in mind, especially if you are faced with a choice between it and a non-woolen alternative:

Eco Friendliness


Most people are making the effort to be a little more ecoconscious these days and that does extend to the furnishings and accessories they make use of in their home. Wool is, of course, a very renewable resource even more so than the very popular cotton and its resilience and durability means that it’s useful life, which can also be extended by a regular visit to a company offering Oriental rug cleaning in RI, is almost always much longer than modern, more ‘throwaway’ options.


More Colorful


Those who create Oriental rugs use beautiful colored dyes to achieve the stunning look they desire. Because wool naturally absorbs dyes better than many other materials those colors tend to be that little bit brighter and truer and will remain that way for many years. This enhanced ability to take in dyes also increases the color fastness of the rug.




There are very few materials that feel as soft and luxuriant underfoot than wool and on a day to day basis that is far more important than a homeowner might imagine at first. It is also warmer in winter and yet cooler in summer, another big advantage Oriental rug owners really come to appreciate.




A really good example of an Oriental rug is rarely ever going to be ‘cheap’. Or is it? A wool based Oriental rug, when cared for properly, will last not just for years but for decades, offering a return on the purchaser’s investment that is far higher than that offered by a less expensive at the point of purchase ‘modern’ rug.

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