The Oriental Rug as an Investment

The Oriental Rug as an Investment   You may have heard, or read, about the concept of buying an Oriental rug as an investment. That does not mean however that an Oriental rug is a replacement for a good Mutual Fund! Instead what is really meant when people talk about the investment value of an […] Read more »

Oriental Rug Cleaner – Rhode Island

Oriental Rugs and Moth Damage – Understanding the Basics   Oriental rugs are very hardy and durable but they do have their ‘enemies’ and one of the biggest is actually rather small and hard to see – a moth. However tiny they are however they can cause all kinds of damage that can be hard […] Read more »

How to Choose and Care for an Oriental Rug that will Last

Believe it or not a genuine Oriental rug is not classified as a piece of home decor it is considered to be art work. Once it has reached its 50th birthday it becomes semi antique and at the century mark it becomes a fully-fledged antique work of art. Genuine pieces are designed to last even […] Read more »