Oriental Rugs in Home Decor

Oriental Rugs in Home Decor: Beauty for the Bathroom


When many homeowners think about where they might place an Oriental rug were they to buy one some very obvious locations spring readily to mind; the living room, the dining room and perhaps even runners for an otherwise plain hallway. There is one location however that many do not think of and yet it is a favorite of professional interior designers; the bathroom.


An Alternative to Bathmats


While a fully carpeted bathroom is rarely a good idea and something of a mistake best left back in the Seventies when the idea was popular a stark, cold tiled bathroom is neither welcoming or aesthetically interesting either. The most common practice among homeowners however is to throw down a generic looking bathmat and leave it at that. Not the most imaginative thing to do but quick and easy if not as attractive as it could be.


At first using an Oriental rug in a space that can be as damp as a bathroom sounds a little risky. However, because they are so durable, far more so than the average, mass produced bathmat. With common sense and a few precautionary measures however an Oriental rug in the bathroom can be a great way to add warmth, character and even a sense of luxury to one of the busiest rooms in the home.


An Oriental rug may be most effective in a larger bathroom space that is otherwise rather starkly tiled and plain. It can be used as a central focus for the room by adding standard bathroom accessories, holders, soap dishes, shower curtains and the like in complementary colors or it such things can be kept rather neutral, truly allowing its star to shine.


Precautions when Using Oriental Rugs in the Bathroom


As long as the space is properly ventilated, as any bathroom should be to prevent mold and mildew problems in general, an Oriental rug will stand up very well to damp feet treading across it. If you have kids it may not be the greatest idea to place the rug directly next to the bathtub to avoid accidental soaking. To ensure safety a rug pad should be placed underneath the rug to prevent it from slipping and help maintain its beauty.


In terms of day to day care a once over with a vacuum, preferably one without a beater bar, will be fine. To keep the colors of the rug vibrant and remove dirt that can accumulate over time, even in a place as dedicated to cleanliness as a bathroom, schedule an occasional visit for it to a provider of Oriental carpet cleaning in RI. Should the worst happen and the rug becomes waterlogged call such a provider right away so that they can take the right actions to prevent permanent damage.

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