Oriental Rug Dusting

What is Oriental Rug Dusting?

If you have ever spoken to, or read about a professional offering Oriental rug cleaning RI you may have encountered the term ‘oriental rug dusting’. And rug dusting is indeed a part, and an important part at that, of the overall rug cleaning process. The question many customers have though is why would you dust a rug, especially if it is going to be washed, and just how is it accomplished if such a process really is necessary?

Rugs and Dust

Regular vacuuming, something that every Oriental rug or Oriental carpet should be subject to, will remove most of the surface dirt and debris that can accumulate on an Oriental rug every day, but even the most expensive and technologically advanced of these machines can rarely remove all of it. Given the nature of wool as a natural material with incredible powers of absorption it naturally acts as an air filter of sorts attracting dust and debris from the air around it and even if you were to vacuum once a day as few of these particles will have already found their way deep into the rug’s fibers where they build up over time and begin to have an abrasive effect that can cause permanent damage.

How are Oriental Rugs Dusted Anyway?

Dusting a rug that is due to be cleaned helps make the overall process as efficient and effective as possible. Because about 80% of the dirt on the average Oriental rug that is sent to be cleaned is dry soil particles then a good going over with a rug dusting machine will remove a great deal of it before the rug is washed. The modern rug dusting machine is a motorized device that uses hundreds of vibrations to literally shake the dust free from the depths it may have descended to. It is the old fashioned idea of rug beating magnified to a whole new, and far more efficient, level!