Oriental Rug Cleaning Will Benefit Your Home

The ‘Hidden’ Way a Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Will Benefit Your Home.


Your Oriental rug looks clean. You are careful to vacuum it on regular basis and, because you are careful around it, you cannot actually remember the last time anyone spilled anything of any significance on it, anything that required a ‘panic cleaning’ to prevent a stain anyway. So therefore, when it technically should be time for your rug to pay a visit to a company offering Oriental rug cleaning in RI you put it off for a while because you feel like it is really not needed right now. However, even if it looks clean your Oriental rug may be making the room it is housed in less than fresh, clean and healthy and you may not even realize it.


The Oriental Carpet as an Air Filter


You have probably seen those air filter machines (you may even own one) that are designed to pull contaminants from the air and cleanse it. Carpets have always had the ability to do this though, especially the heavier ones like a woolen Oriental carpet.


In one way this is a great thing. ‘Bad stuff’ is not floating around in the air and if it is in the carpet surely it can be vacuumed away? That is, however, rarely the case. Odors, and not just pet odors but the odors from cooking, perfumes, air fresheners, smoke (and not just cigarette smoke if you are a candle fan they give off smoke as well) are all drawn down to the carpet and stay there, nestling deep into the fibers where no vacuum can touch them. Over time, even if the homeowner does not really notice it, the air in the room becomes rather unpleasant and never smells nice anymore once the first burst of air freshener has worn off.


Effectively Ridding Oriental Carpets of Odor


Have you ever left a worn item of clothing in a closet for a while without washing it? If so you probably know that the odors on the garment that were not so apparent at the time become horribly noticeable when you do remove it again. Perfume goes stale on it, or perspiration goes sour. What would you do in this case? Spray it with more perfume or wash it as soon as possible? The latter is the only sensible choice and the same holds true for an Oriental carpet.


There are lots of ‘carpet deodorizers’ on the market but they only mask odors for a little while and overtime they add to the problem as well. To effectively rid the rug of all odors it needs to be properly, professionally cleaned and the most effective way is the kind of full immersion wash that only a company offering specialist Oriental carpet cleaning can undertake successfully. By taking the time to have this service performed once it is completed and the rug is back in place you will not just notice how clean the rug looks but how much better the whole room smells. That is not because a special perfume has been added at the cleaning facility or anything like that it is simply because all of those accumulated odors have been washed away and are no longer ‘polluting’ the air.

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