Oriental Rug Cleaning RI – Do You Really Need a Rug Pad for Your Oriental Rug?

You spent good money on purchasing an Oriental rug and now it is being recommended to you that you invest in a rug pad to go along with it. The one thing some first time owners especially tend to wonder though is do they really need such a thing or is this just something dealers suggest as a bit of an upsell?


The fact is that yes, almost all Oriental rugs, even the older antique ones, will benefit in the long run if they are used in conjunction with a good rug pad and so may some of the elements around them. Here are just a few of the reasons why investing in one is a good idea:


Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning – Preservation of the Rug Itself


There are a couple of ways in which a rug pad can help preserve the Oriental rug itself. Rug owners are advised right from the moment of purchase that regular vacuuming is a must and a rug on a pad is slightly raised from the floor itself, allowing for better air circulation underneath the rug which, in turn, makes every pass of the vacuum more effective in terms of dirt and dust removal. Additional padding also helps protect the rug from the rigors of everyday wear and tear, especially if they are located in a place that sees quite a bit of foot traffic.




Another reason to make use of a rug pad is that it will simply make walking on it safer. Any rug, especially one placed on a smooth hard surface such as a hardwood or ceramic tiled floor, can potentially slip out of place. The addition of a rug pad acts as an anchor of sorts between the rug and the flooring beneath and can also help stop ridges and wrinkles forming that can not only pose a tripping hazard but also, if left too long can damage the rug itself.


Increased Comfort


Visual benefits aside one of the reasons that rugs of any kind are popular with home owners is that they offer a warmth and comfort underfoot that a harder flooring surface simply cannot. The addition of a rug pad serves to heighten that effect, making the rug feel even more luxurious and inviting, a feeling that then extends to the rest of the room as well.

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