Oriental Rug Cleaning RI – A First Aid Kit for Your Oriental Rug

A First Aid Kit for Your Oriental Rug – What it is and How to Use It

However careful you are, the chances are extremely high that at some point an accident will happen that will result in something being spilled on your precious Oriental rug. When that does happen panic – which many do actually feel when they see that glass of wine tipping onto their rug or realize that their puppy had an accident in exactly the wrong spot – is not something you can afford to do. Ideally, as soon as possible, you should get your rug to a a firm offering specialist Oriental Rug Cleaning in Rhode Island but the actions you take immediately after the accident occurs can help minimize the damage as well.

A First Aid Kit for Your Oriental Rug Cleaning

To this end it is a great idea for the owners of an Oriental rug to keep an emergency ‘first aid’ rug cleaning kit on hand and know what to do with it when disaster does strike. The kit itself is not complicated at all; simply plain club soda, corn starch, clean sponges and white cotton towels (the fluffy kind, not the kind that ‘sheds’.)

The Right Way to Tackle a Spill on Your Oriental Rug

The biggest mistake that people make when something is spilled on their Oriental rug is that they begin scrubbing at it. Far from helping in any way doing so will only make matters worse as you will simply be spreading the mess around and expanding the footprint of the stain.

The right thing to do first is take one of those white towels and blot. If the spill is oily in nature take a clean spoon and scoop up as much of it as you can before you begin to blot. Take a look at the towel after a few blots. Are you soaking up just the spill or are the rug’s dyes transferring to the towel as well? If the latter is the case the best idea is to stop and make plans to contact that Oriental Rug Cleaning specialist as soon as possible. The reason for this is if you continue the dyes may begin to bleed together, causing permanent damage.

If the dye is not bleeding then place another folded towel underneath the affected area. Taking a clean sponge dampen the affected spot with club soda and then continue to blot. When you think you have removed as much of the liquid – and the stain – as you can make sure that the damp area can now dry easily, keeping everyone away from it and hanging it if necessary. When the area is dry, examine it. If you can still see the stain then call in the professionals so that your rug can receive the proper TLC it deserves and you can be sure that there are no lingering remnants of the spill embedded in the fibers, especially important in the case of pet accidents.

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