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Oriental Rugs and Moth Damage – Understanding the Basics


Oriental rugs are very hardy and durable but they do have their ‘enemies’ and one of the biggest is actually rather small and hard to see – a moth. However tiny they are however they can cause all kinds of damage that can be hard to fix. For that reason the best thing the owner of an Oriental rug can do is learn – and then – implement some basic moth damage prevention techniques that can be practiced in between visits to a professional offering Oriental rug cleaning in RI. Here are a few of the basics:


Moth Basics


Flying adult moths do not actually eat your rug. However, female moths will find it to be an excellent place to lay their eggs. Eggs that will become larvae that love munching on the fibers.


Noticing that moths are flying around is of course the obvious way many people realize they have a problem but as they are creature of the night it may be a while before they are spotted. Other signs that moths are at work though include a fine web like residue on the Oriental rug, tiny bare spots on the rug (larvae actually often prefer the taste of one dye color over another) and fine, sand like yellow or brown granules that are actually larvae excrement.


Moth Damage Prevention


The best ways to prevent moth damage are really rather simple. Regular vacuuming is essential for the ‘health’ of an Oriental rug in general and it will help ‘root out’ moths. It is unlikely however to dislodge any larvae who have already taken up residence. Displaying your rug in a well trafficked, well lit area will help a great deal as well as moths really prefer quieter, darker spots.


Moth balls, flakes, or crystals (naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene) are often touted as a great preventative measure but such things only act as slight repellent to moths. These things do not kill moth larvae and a naphthalene odor can be tough to remove from the rug.


If despite your best efforts you do suspect that your Oriental rug has become infested with moths do not try to fix the problem yourself, as you are likely to do more harm than good. Instead contact a specialist offering Oriental rug cleaning in RI to help you address the problem in the best way possible.

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