Making Great Use of Oriental Rugs in Coastal Rhode Island

Making Great Use of Oriental Rugs in Coastal Decor


Coastal style decor is extremely popular in Rhode Island and for good reason. We live in an area that is filled with beautiful coastlines and wide open green spaces. The temperature, in comparison with other areas not so far away, is usually very pleasant, so who wants a dark looking home decor scheme filled with heavy ‘warm colors’ and over bulky furniture? Light, coastal inspired decor just seems more fitting.


This does mean that many people don’t consider adding the beauty of an Oriental rug to their home because they mistakenly immediately conjure up images in their minds of the reds and dark blues that many people consider to be ‘typical’ Oriental rug colors and that would, indeed, be a little too heavy for use in a decor scheme that relies primarily upon cool colors and light furnishings.


This kind of thinking can deprive homeowners of the chance to add a really special extra piece of visual interest, style and luxury to their home though. There are in fact some great reasons to consider adding an Oriental rug to a Rhode Island home that should not be overlooked.


The first is that Oriental rugs come in a huge range of colors and some of the most attractive are those that actually match the accepted idea of coastal decor colors; light blues, grassy greens and sunny yellows. Their patterns tend to be very nature based as well, with flower and tree motifs being very common, a theme that, once again, fits the coastal decor scheme to a t.


There is a more practical reason to consider adding a great area rug, especially an Oriental rug, to a coastal decor scheme as well. Usually such set up feature hardwood or ceramic style as their primary floor covering options. Hardwood is especially effective from a visual point of view, as it can be considered reminiscent of the decking of a ship.


Hard flooring can also be rather cold and even boring though and it is hard to find a ‘focal spot’ that furnishings and accessories can be grouped around to create a pulled together look. A generously sized area rug can provide that, and one as beautifully patterned as an Oriental rug can become the real star of the space.


The other worry that people have about lighter colored Oriental rugs is that they will show more dirt far more quickly than their darker counterparts and will therefore be harder to maintain in great shape. That does not have to be the case. A regimen of regular vacuuming, an ‘outdoor shoes off’ at the door policy and an annual trip for a professional Oriental rug cleaning should be all it takes to keep any Oriental rug in great condition, even a very light colored one.

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