How to Choose and Care for an Oriental Rug that will Last

Believe it or not a genuine Oriental rug is not classified as a piece of home decor it is considered to be art work. Once it has reached its 50th birthday it becomes semi antique and at the century mark it becomes a fully-fledged antique work of art. Genuine pieces are designed to last even longer than that if well taken care of and time is invested in its care, including the occasional once over from a provider of Oriental Rug Cleaning. Such rugs are indeed a great investment as well as a wonderful addition to the home but how do you choose the right one in the first place?

The Definition of a Real Oriental Rug

To be considered the genuine article an Oriental rug must be a handmade item that has been crafted from all natural materials, most commonly wool, silk or cotton. It must also originate from an Asiatic nation, hence its name.

Just because a piece meets these general guidelines does not guarantee its quality or longevity though. To determine that usually you would need to actually examine the rug in person, looking at the regularity of the weave, the intensity of the colors and even the consistency of the patterning. That does mean that buying such a rug online, sight unseen can be something of a risk and if you are going to do so it would be best to buy from a company that has a good return policy.

Proper Care of an Oriental Rug

Between professional cleanings by a firm offering Oriental Rug Cleaning in Rhode Island a genuine Oriental rug does not require a huge amount of maintenance but it does need a little TLC. A vacuum can and should be used on it regularly but not one with a beater bar and not one of the very high suction models that could pull and even tear the rug’s fibers and damage its aesthetic appeal. This is especially true of the rug’s fringes which can all too easily be damaged or even ripped off by an over powerful machine.

When it does come time to consider Oriental Rug Cleaning, look for a company that has proven in experience in specifically caring for Oriental rugs, not just rigs in general. A handmade Oriental rug is very different from even the most expensive modern machine crafted area rugs and really does need rather different care.

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