Frequently Asked Questions

Is immersion cleaning really safe?

Large rug cleaning plants have for decades used full immersion in conjunction with equipment such as the Moore automated rug cleaning system. Often rugs are pre-conditioned in a wash pit and then placed through on the automated conveyor to be mechanically kneaded and flushed with fresh water. The Moore system uses rollers to squeeze water out of the carpet much like mother’s old wringer washer.

What makes the Persian Rug Cleaners of New England immersion system even better?

In its day the wringer washer was great, but they just aren’t built anymore. It’s the same with the Moore machine. Much like new energy efficient washing machines, the effectiveness of our equipment is based on the principles of gentle tumbling, dwell time, and extremely fast spin cycles, thorough cleaning, and in the end very low moisture going into the dryer. An added bonus is that less cleaning agents are required, resulting in easier rinsing, softer fibers and more brilliant colors.

Are there challenges associated with cleaning the flat weave, knots and fringe?

In knotted rugs the foundation weft and warp yarns are typically finished with a combination of weaving, knots and loose fringe fiber. Cotton is the most common foundation textile. When brand new, it is a nice soft white, thus, a pleasant contrast to the colors of the rug pile.

Most professionals will admit that fringes are one of the greatest challenges in cleaning area rugs. Cotton is very prone to discoloring when left wet for a long time. Gravity can be an enemy to fringes. How so? When a rug is wet and hung to dry, gravity will result in migration of water and unwanted materials down into the fringes. This results in discoloration of the cotton.

Here is yet another benefit of exclusive rug plant. Water is not left dripping down through the rug. So much moisture is spun out of the rug in our centrifuge that they are only slightly damp to touch and a drier rug means faster drying with no water migration. The cotton dries very quickly eliminating or reducing the need for post detailing of the fringe. Harsh whitening chemicals are thereby avoided.

Can you restore heavily soiled fringes?

Heavily soiled cotton, especially when woven, and tied in knots, is challenging to clean. This can result in fringes that look dirty and gray, despite noble efforts at cleaning. One may be inclined to counter with bleaching agents, however, these are harsh on cotton and will usually contribute to premature deterioration of the fiber.

So, how do we deal with this problem? Answer: We are able to pre-clean fringes before placing a rug into the Turkish Bath. Our system removes ALL of the soil from even the grimiest fringe material with no harsh chemicals or oxidizing agents.

Why does Persian Rug Cleaners of New England dust rugs before they are washed?

Rug dusting is an integral part of area rug cleaning. There are two types of soil, dry and sticky. Dry soil is abrasive by nature, which erodes the foundation yarn and scratches away at the colorful pile of your beloved rug. It is said in our industry, that on average, 80% of the soil in a carpet or rug is dry ‘particulate’ soil. So then it’s not hard to imagine that the majority of soil is loose and dry dust, dirt, sand, hair, allergens and so forth – all you need do is look at the contents of a vacuum bag. The remaining soil, the sticky type, is the grimy film that adheres tenaciously to the textile.

Despite excellent maintenance, dry soil can build up in the base of a rug*. Hand woven rugs with their tight warp and weft yarns and thick pile are great hiding places for dry soil. Even rugs that look clean are often found, when checked, to be otherwise. (to check a rug, lift the corner and hit the backing with your hand or a flat object)

It is for this reason that Persian Rug Cleaners of New England mechanically removes that which vacuums cannot on each and every rug. When properly dusted, a rug no longer makes a puff or cloud of dust when dropped nor a deposit of dust or grit underneath when laid out. Allergens are removed. The other benefit to dusting is that some dry soil, made wet, can change identity and become sticky, which is quite difficult to remove from the depths a rug. Thus, to dust is a must!

*It is found that even new rugs may contain a considerable amount of dry particulate. Importers and dealers of area rugs realize this and in some cases new rugs are dusted before being placed in the showroom.

How does Persian Rug Cleaners dust rugs?

Large commercial rug beaters or dusting machines and portable dusters have been in use for decades. At Persian Rug Cleaners of New England we use a portable dusting machine. The rug is inverted and laid on a grid. The duster’s rotating leather straps are an effective way of persuading the particulates out of the pile, onto the floor below the grid. This process is very painstaking and can take hours to thoroughly remove all the dry accumulated soil.

Is our new equipment just another way to “quickly” clean a rug?

There is no ‘quick’ way to effectively clean area rugs. Up until recently we were using the same basic methods for cleaning area rugs as all the other high end cleaners in the country. Our new system simply works much better, and we find that in most cases the rug is ready after one cleaning! This means faster turn around times and a cleaner end-product.

Does the bath wash out the dyes?

Each rug is carefully inspected prior to cleaning to confirm that the dyes are stable enough to withstand a full immersion. This is a step that any well respected cleaning company would take before immersing rugs. Just like washing brightly colored clothes, nothing should be taken for granted. Having said this, the majority of area rugs can be immersion cleaned.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured. We stand behind our work and have a reputation as an ethical company.

What if I am nervous about having my heirloom cleaned?

That’s okay! We would suggest just having us thoroughly dust your rug to remove the contaminants which are causing damage to fibers.

Does your equipment handle my flokati?

Flokati or other rugs with long pile such as shag, clean very well with the new equipment. The fiber is gently cleaned to the base of the pile in our bath, with no degradation to the pile from mechanical agitation.

Can you clean noodle rugs (popcorn rugs)?

Yes, as with Flokati and shags topical methods are very limited in their ability to clean a carpet with deep, long or ‘noodley’ pile. Our bath and centrifuge are a great combination.

What about my braided rug?

Braided rugs are challenging to clean with topical equipment because they are tightly woven. Full immersion in our Turkish Bath allows us to clean deep into the woven material.

Flat weave rugs such as the Kilim?

Each Kilim is inspected to determine the best method of cleaning.