The Oriental Rug as an Investment

The Oriental Rug as an Investment   You may have heard, or read, about the concept of buying an Oriental rug as an investment. That does not mean however that an Oriental rug is a replacement for a good Mutual Fund! Instead what is really meant when people talk about the investment value of an […] Read more »

Making Great Use of Oriental Rugs in Coastal Rhode Island

Making Great Use of Oriental Rugs in Coastal Decor   Coastal style decor is extremely popular in Rhode Island and for good reason. We live in an area that is filled with beautiful coastlines and wide open green spaces. The temperature, in comparison with other areas not so far away, is usually very pleasant, so […] Read more »

Oriental Rugs in Coastal Homes of Rhode Island

The Special Challenges for Coastal Home Owners of Owning an Oriental Rug   For people living in landlocked, inland regions of the country, a trip to the beach is something that happens just a couple of times a year, usually when they are on vacation miles away from their home and its furnishings. However, for […] Read more »

Oriental Rug Dusting

What is Oriental Rug Dusting? If you have ever spoken to, or read about a professional offering Oriental rug cleaning RI you may have encountered the term ‘oriental rug dusting’. And rug dusting is indeed a part, and an important part at that, of the overall rug cleaning process. The question many customers have though […] Read more »

The Right Way to Store Your Oriental Rug

An Oriental rug is a beautiful object that ideally their owners want to showcase all the time. There may come a time however, during a big move perhaps, that it has to be stored for a while. Should that become necessary, there is a right and wrong way to do so to ensure that the […] Read more »

Oriental Rug Cleaning Will Benefit Your Home

The ‘Hidden’ Way a Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Will Benefit Your Home.   Your Oriental rug looks clean. You are careful to vacuum it on regular basis and, because you are careful around it, you cannot actually remember the last time anyone spilled anything of any significance on it, anything that required a ‘panic cleaning’ […] Read more »

Oriental Rug Cleaner – Rhode Island

Oriental Rugs and Moth Damage – Understanding the Basics   Oriental rugs are very hardy and durable but they do have their ‘enemies’ and one of the biggest is actually rather small and hard to see – a moth. However tiny they are however they can cause all kinds of damage that can be hard […] Read more »

The Benefits of a Wool Oriental Rug You May Have Overlooked

The Benefits of a Wool Oriental Rug You May Have Overlooked   The aesthetic benefits of a wool Oriental rug are easy to see, even at a brief glance. There are however many other benefits associated with owning and using such a rug that are less obvious immediately but still just as important. If you […] Read more »

Oriental Rugs in Home Decor

Oriental Rugs in Home Decor: Beauty for the Bathroom   When many homeowners think about where they might place an Oriental rug were they to buy one some very obvious locations spring readily to mind; the living room, the dining room and perhaps even runners for an otherwise plain hallway. There is one location however […] Read more »